Direct Services
  • 24/7 toll-free access to "live" person; immediate access to qualified clinicians
  • Face-to-Face Assessment
  • On-line EAP orientation
  • Face-to-Face Short-term Problem Solving
  • Referral for counseling beyond EAP, utilizing existing insurance benefits or community resources, as appropriate
  • Weekend and evening appointments available
  • Legal consultation and referral
  • Financial consultation and referral
  • Eldercare and childcare needs assessment and referral
  • General information on Medicare and Medicaid
  • Outplacement services (including resume development, interview skill development, networking assistance, assistance with on-line career searches and facilitation of referrals to placement agencies)
  • Critical Incident Response and Psychological First Aid services
  • Substance Abuse Professional (SAP) Services for DOT regulated industries (additional fee for face-to-face SAP services)
  • Meets DOT and NRC Guidelines

Management Services
  • On-site or on-line supervisory referral training
  • On-site and off-site consultation regarding troubled employees
  • Immediate follow-up of referred employees
  • Written correspondence on disposition of referred employees
  • General employee assistance consultation on an unlimited basis
  • On-site seminars - workplace issues (e.g., team building, workplace violence, etc.)
  • Substance Abuse Training
  • Access to expertise in retirement, tax, and estate management

Employee Communication
  • On-site or on-line employee orientation
  • Posters, brochures and business cards for all employees
  • Articles provided for employee mailings and newsletters
  • Seminars on workplace, family and self-help issues
  • Participation in benefit fairs
  • Outsourcing for language translation and international meeting facilities
  • Foreign language translation and support services available at all time and HIPPA compliant

  • Quarterly and annual utilization reports
  • Opportunity for anonymous employee satisfaction feedback
  • Ongoing quality improvement assessment in all areas

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