Preparing for Unexpected Challenges

In times of crisis, a well-prepared management team can make all the difference. Our Crisis Management training equips your managers with the knowledge and skills to handle unexpected challenges and support employees during difficult times.
EAP Lifestyle Management, LLC offers crisis response services, including psychological first aid, to support individuals and organizations in the aftermath of workplace tragedies. Our experienced counselors provide immediate assistance, facilitating recovery and offering workplace training to handle crises. Our Crisis Management Team responds nationwide, ensuring timely support.

Empowering Recovery After
Workplace Tragedies

Crisis Support:

EAP Lifestyle Management offers vital crisis response services, aiding employees through workplace tragedies.

Expert Counselors:

Our skilled counselors specialize in critical incident response, ensuring effective support.

Nationwide Assistance:

Critical incident counselors are readily available across the nation for immediate response.

Successful Reintegration:

EAP Lifestyle Management offers essential crisis response services to assist employees in their return to the workplace after experiencing tragedies.

Prepared Workforce:

We provide comprehensive workplace training for proactive critical incident management.

Global Partnerships:

EAP Lifestyle Management collaborates with the leading international critical incident response provider.

Signs That Your Team
Needs Assistance

When an employee faces unexpected trauma, timely intervention is crucial. Engaging in a discussion about the event and associated feelings helps work through and resolve the crisis. Responses to crisis vary among individuals, influenced by past experiences, support systems, emotional and physical health, beliefs, attitudes and societal responses.

  • Emotional: Anxiety, Fear, Agitation, Irritability, Anger, Guilt, Grief/Loss, Vulnerability, Disbelief
  • Mental: Confusion, Forgetfulness, Difficulty concentrating, Intrusive thoughts, Flashbacks, Nightmares, Obsessions, Hypervigilance
  • Physical: Fatigue, Exhaustion, Gastrointestinal problems, Respiratory problems, Headaches, Twitching, Sweating, Dizziness
  • Behavioral: Angry outbursts, Increased substance abuse, Isolation, Withdrawal, Restlessness, Interpersonal problems, Appetite and sleep disturbances, Changing in libido, Easily agitated

Nurturing Recovery Through Timely Discussions

Engaging in timely conversations following a crisis brings multiple benefits: normalizing responses, educating about effective crisis management, assuring temporary support and emphasizing the role of self-care in the healing process.
  • Normalization: Addressing crises promptly helps normalize the response, fostering a supportive environment.
  • Education: Immediate discussions educate on effective crisis responses, empowering informed actions.
  • Temporary Assistance: Assuring the response’s temporary nature instills hope and reassurance.
  • Holistic Healing: Communicating that recovery’s timeframe varies underscores the role of self-care in expediting healing.

Immediate Assistance Available

If you are in crisis and need immediate assistance, you can text HOME to 741741 to talk to a trained crisis counselor. Additionally, we provide resources on coping with stress, preventing suicide, preventing violence, understanding elder abuse and more to support overall well-being.

Crisis Management Resources

Our curated list of vital links offers immediate support and guidance on critical issues. From suicide prevention hotlines and mental health crisis support to resources for preventing sexual abuse and child abuse, this comprehensive collection empowers you with the tools needed to navigate challenging situations. EAP Lifestyle Management, LLC is committed to ensuring that you have the necessary resources to address crises effectively and promote well-being. Explore the links below to access the support you need.

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