Employer Services:
Empowering Management
and Nurturing Workplace Excellence

At EAP Lifestyle Management, LLC, we recognize the importance of supporting the management team in creating a positive work environment and effectively addressing employee challenges. Our comprehensive employer services not only provide valuable resources available to all employees but also offer specialized support for managers. With our expertise, consultation and training, we help empower your management team and promote the overall well-being and productivity of your organization.

Comprehensive Solutions for Management

Troubled Employee Consultation

As a manager, you can access our 24-hour consultation services for troubled employees on an unlimited basis. We provide guidance and support in addressing employee challenges, offering insights on short-term problem resolution for employees, managers and dependents. Our immediate follow-up includes written correspondence, ensuring confidentiality and compliance with professional and legal guidelines.

Supervisory Referral Assistance

We assist managers in implementing supervisory referrals, providing guidance and resources to support employees in need. Our team helps you navigate the referral process, ensuring appropriate intervention and follow-up. Additionally, we offer assistance in the development of workplace policies, including sample policies, to promote a healthy work environment.

Management Resources Center

Our Management Resource Center is a valuable hub of information and resources specifically designed for managers. Dive into topics such as alcohol and drug issues, crisis management, workplace violence, job performance assessment, EAP supervisor online training, sexual harassment, worksite health and wellness, mental health and intervention strategies. Equip yourself with the knowledge and tools to effectively lead your team.

Enhanced Support and Resources

In addition to our core services, we offer the following benefits to further enhance your organization's well-being initiatives:

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